Paave Art

Turning emotions to a picture


Where do you get inspiration from?

It’s a bottomless well of possibilities. Really. Look around you, everyday life, people’s stories, nature stories. Stories in our heads, dreams of nights, dreams we would like to realize and mainly — our own stories, stories of our lives, desires, wishes, bolts, pain, joy, sadness and from you. A miraculous brain Our brain works in shapes, pictures. There are thousands (or millions?) thoughts every minute…


My story

As a little girl I didn’t have careless childhood. A lot of situations was quite complicated and we didn’t belong among wealthy families. But even though I realized I could feel better and then it started a misson for happy life.

I read once if I have something pretty in front of my eyes even it should be daisy in the glass so it helps me to feel well. Since then I had been thinking about it.

At the moment I changed my view and I started to think what to have around me and how can I do it. Later there were posters of my favorite music bands and then I was staring on them for so long until I desired to draw them, to express what I can see in their faces. And so I had started to turn into drawings my deep feelings which nobody has no clue about . And from black and white they became colored. Up to once I discovered oil paints which I fell in love with completely. At that moment I understood there is no way back and what was only hobby became my life purpose. To catch beauty or feelings around, to my picture. I understood this is important part of me, my essence and maybe one of the reasons why I’m here on the Earth.

Every brush stroke compensated hours of therapies I would need to be what I’m without a shame. From the angry and scattered person hard skin peeled off and I’ve started to integrate my sensitive part until I realized I belong to hypersensitive people. This reality helped to perceive as an advantage and I can use these abilities in artistic creations.

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