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Custom painting - how it works

People who come to me with a request for a painting have many things in common - they are beings with high sensitivity who care about the state of the environment, and who are aware of the importance of relationships between people and also among people, nature and animals.

These are also the topics that I pursue to in my paintings. Thanks to this, I can offer a wide range of depictions of natural laws or simply the beauty and serenity of Mother Nature.
The goal is always to create a painting that will enchant the customer with its beauty and will remain interesting and not tire them.

Discovering the Intention

When preparing a painting, I always proceed in the same way - it does not matter whether it is a familiar person or not. First, I try to understand the motives and intentions of the person whose interest was piqued by my paintings, and specifically find out what they like about my paintings, especially those that caught their attention the most. I get to know the person themselves, their personality, desires, favorite colors, way of thinking, and last but not least, their lifestyle. This process combines psychology and philosophy with art.

Then, together we look for a theme, if the client does not already have one, that is most important to them. We create a so-called moodboard, usually on Pinterest, that best captures the feelings, colors, and moods that the painting should evoke. This process can take some time for our thoughts to settle, but when we return to the topic, our emotions clearly show us the direction to take, and we do not have to worry about dilemmas.

It is not uncommon for us to mark the key photo or image that we are most interested in with the theme. In this way, we enjoy more joy in the creation and the client is thrilled that they could be so closely involved in the preparation.

At that point, I already have a vision of how the painting will hang on the wall and what it will look like. Then I get to work and, after consulting with the client, whether they still want to be involved in the process or if they want to be surprised at the end, I show them important milestones and possibly adjust the color or add subtle elements to the composition.

Final Care

I usually give the finished painting to the client right after completion, but after some time, I personally visit the painting and apply varnish to fix it, enhance its colorfulness, and protect it forever. Previously, oil paints should not be varnished to avoid direct reactions of colors with varnish.

Examples of custom paintings

Paint me a picture

? -->Show me difference between painting mediums

? -->You can introduce whatever what expresses you or what you are interested in. They can be your cultural idols, books or stories which you are connected with. Which feelings should be visible in the picture? What colors do you like? Whatever is important to you just write me. The more information you provide the closer we get to your image.

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