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Turning emotions to a picture

Paint me the story of my heart

You have an idea, thought, your perfect image or strong feeling which you would love to get real shape. I'll help you to tune in the idea, design it or I'll choose reference picture you love. The result will be your original painting.

Use the form to bring me near your imagination. I'll send you in return shaped idea into clear picture and what could be your price. Then you can decide.
See also my galleries (oil, watercolor) for imformative prices.

? -->Show me difference between painting mediums

? -->You can introduce whatever what expresses you or what you are interested in. They can be your cultural idols, books or stories which you are connected with. Which feelings should be visible in the picture? What colors do you like? Whatever is important to you just write me. The more information you provide the closer we get to your image.
  • Who is Paave

    My name is Pavlina Ostra and the painting is my passion. Rather than visiting institutions I developed my painting skills by experience and watching works from past and current painters.

    It all started with fasctionation of mimics and face expressions. I spent many years of studying emotions behind human faces and put them simply on a paper. After longer pause caused by studiying of technical university I discovered my passion to oil paintings and nature landscapes. Love to the nature is my main drive, I like combination of nature and supernatural scenes the most whether it's dark tuned pictures or images what we have inside our minds like unrealizable wishes. There is nothing better than to put your own fantasy on the real picture. The big influence on me has music as well which accompanies me from my young age.

    Though my the most favorite tool are oil paints I like using another techniques or I combine them together. Actually, every painting is coloring book which starts by drawing.

    My stories

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