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What did I need to start painting?

I skipped paintings of cubes and balls and other useless pictures. Yes, I needed to practice. So I did. I bought some paper and oil colors, brushes, pallet, turpentine and that was it. I didn’t want to destroy canvas because I had no idea how it will behave. So I chose watercolor paper which costs 7CZK (like $0.30).


I spent a whole day of watching video tutorials of Bob Ross. I understood how to paint everything. Then I found some photo of a storm and I was painting dark clouds. It looked different from original but it didn’t matter. What I understood was I had to learn physical laws, how light works and so on. So I used inspiration to create some picture.

That’s it. Nothing more nothing less. No big science in that. Everything after that was just practicing.


I painted five pictures on paper and then I decided to paint on canvas finally. I realized I was afraid unnecessarily moreover it was much easier to paint on canvas than on paper. Colors were really smooth, it was easier to blend them. Paper soaks oil color a bit. But on canvas, it’s a really different feeling. You have more opportunities what to do with colors. It’s like freedom. On canvas, there is no mistake. Like Bob Ross would say. If you don’t like what you painted you make a little happy tree from it. Whatever.


Now I’m finding my style, my manuscript. I want to put my identity into painting and my art. And that’s another chapter which hasn’t been written yet. It’s long long way and I have fun when I’m finding it. But also it requires a lot of thinking, concentration, perception, getting new experiences and watching everything around me, especially details.

What is your experience with getting any skill?  And do you miss anything in the article? Tell me about that!

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