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Turning emotions to a picture


Příběh prvního metrového obrazu

Dříve mě velké formáty doslova děsily. Nad krajinou 45x30cm jsem strávila nesčetně hodin, práci jsem si musela kouskovat po večerech, někdy mi barva zaschla natolik, že se špatně obnovovala hladká olejová vrstva, jindy jsem zase potřebovala, aby byla zaschnutá, ale byla stále mokrá. Sesynchronizovat práci, tak aby všechny fáze olejomalby dávaly smysl a ve výsledku působily spojitě, byl pro mě složitý úkol…


My story

As a little girl I didn’t have careless childhood. A lot of situations was quite complicated and we didn’t belong among wealthy families. But even though I realized I could feel better and then it started a misson for happy life.

I read once if I have something pretty in front of my eyes even it should be daisy in the glass so it helps me to feel well. Since then I had been thinking about it.

At the moment I changed my view and I started to think what to have around me and how can I do it. Later there were posters of my favorite music bands and then I was staring on them for so long until I desired to draw them, to express what I can see in their faces. And so I had started to turn into drawings my deep feelings which nobody has no clue about . And from black and white they became colored. Up to once I discovered oil paints which I fell in love with completely. At that moment I understood there is no way back and what was only hobby became my life purpose. To catch beauty or feelings around, to my picture. I understood this is important part of me, my essence and maybe one of the reasons why I’m here on the Earth.

Every brush stroke compensated hours of therapies I would need to be what I’m without a shame. From the angry and scattered person hard skin peeled off and I’ve started to integrate my sensitive part until I realized I belong to hypersensitive people. This reality helped to perceive as an advantage and I can use these abilities in artistic creations.

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