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My personal painting

Golden Trees Alley is painted according to photo of great photographer Pavel Vaculovic, 55x70cm

When I saw original photo of Pavel Vaculovič, amazing Czech photographer, the place, colors and light completely got my heart. And I was decided, I must to paint this beauty and learn how to paint all those greens, yellows, reds and browns on trees.

I almost don’t remember when exactly I started painting of the alley. It’s been for me such a long path what happened in my life. This painting will always remind me all of it probably.


It was 2020 when I decided to create painting for me and to future home me and my partner. It was very important as I’ve never had my real home which I would create and this was always something what I was sorry about. It has been started new decade for all of us and a lot of things changed in our lives. My perception of seeing the world changed as well and as I didn’t considered myself as a painter, this picture has changed it. I was fully absorbed by complexity of trees, till then I hadn’t tried something like this.

Story behind

But as I wished it for my home which become the hardest journey we had to pass. And at the time when people lied to us and use us for their benefits we suddenly didn’t know if we reach our dream of our home. This time I postponed this painting as there was too much pain I couldn’t handle. It was 2021 already. No painting was waiting for its finishing for such a long time as this one. When I moved from big city to nature finally through it wasn’t our home yet I felt it’s approaching again so I came back to paiting and finished.

I painted outside, inside, step by step, layer after layer. I didn’t know that it’s done already. I just realized after a few month of staring of this beauty and realized - wow these tree trunks looks like real with so much colors. How did I made it? Through I saw some places on the picture which I would make different way after two years of different paintings I made here is something inexplicable what this painting makes unique and neither I could repeat the process again. It just reflects all seasons which I had to pass to finish painting for my home.


These paints are mixed together with basic set of oil colors, to get ocher tint and this sunset motion. Ocher paints I’ve started to use just this year so at the end I must say that I’m really impresed how I mixed them without advanced tints!

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