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Strong woman - Lagertha

Lagertha painting

Apparently, series of Vikings was very strong experience. Characters development and all stories from northern countries which are so different from culture of mid Europe history as we know it.

My impression

I must admit I didn’t know much about it, just basic information what I learned from school when I was a child. The way how it is possible to capture all emotions, life struggles, habits, values and beliefs which Vikings had, enthralls impressively through movie screens and give us better opportunity to experience all tastes of writing records. And so it happened it completely devoured me. I was thinking about their lives and the medieval and all context for months. My head was nothing but Vikings in the wild nature.

To ancestors

I tried to process all my thoughts but the best way how to do it is through painting. I was watching last of Viking series when clearly realized that the character of Lagertha has resonated in me the most intensively. All periods of her life which she had to deal with made her unbreakable, strong, wise, determined woman with all sides of womanhood which most of us has no idea in this century. I can hardly imagine intensity of her feelings at that time (and I believe that our ancestors had so many painful stories behind them) through I could catch some of them very strongly. It opened in me a lot of questions of life and ancestors generally so I set myself on a journey of getting information about my family tree. And there I think I found out where my passion and ability to draw and paint appeared. It is not so straightforward for me because I’m not aware of any family member who would put so much effort to any artistic activity except music (where my grandfather played on violin and he liked to sing). And there I started remembering some individuals who drew in young age and all of them was from my mother’s family tree. So I found it! It’s so exciting!

We don’t have so many artifacts of our ancestors since all of them come from simple rural life.

Authenticity of Pagans

Back to Lagertha and Vikings, I could connect myself to the natural way of life and I realized that pagan way of life has more honest and truthful sources then so-called true religions which I was pushed into all my child life. I started seeing intuition as something sacred and unappreciated by the world I grew in. It’s changing now and I’m really excited about it. Because as one wise man said we are the emotional beings at the first place and then we are rational beings.

So hopefully, I put into the portrait of Lagertha the story of her life full of beautiful emotions of love, respect, pride, determination and the same time all painful experiences of mother, grandmother and strong woman which our ancestors lived. This story became huge inspiration of living for me.

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