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I‘m web developer why do I draw and paint?

This is always the first reaction of surprised people who I work with and then they find out I‘m an artist. I‘m not gonna explain how difficult personality man can be, the point is somewhere else.


Since I remember I‘ve had a close connection to music. And journey from music to visual art is not so far. When I was at primary school I was fascinated by people‘s mimics and their faces. Then I tried to draw them many times but I wasn‘t satisfied with my work at all. They weren‘t recognizable. I didn‘t understand something like practicing or improving myself as a child. I wanted to have it perfect immediately. And I didn‘t think about it as it was art.

Turning point

When I was late 15 I drew the first portrait of Billie Joe Armstrong and it was the first moment when I saw he looked like him in real. I was amazed by myself I could make something like that and it motivated me the most. Then I put more time to study faces and tried to draw musicians over and over again. Sometimes it was better, sometimes worse but I found out it calms my angry season or personality somehow.

Logic like mind

Yes, I‘m logically and realistic based person besides. Sanity was always one of the most important values for me. But where is it written people who make art can‘t have logic and analytic way of thinking? I think it‘s connected closely. Look at most famous painters: Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso … not all of them were crazy, unstable personalities or weird, more than that. For example Leonardo da Vinci was ingenious at so many fields. I just want to express you can be technical type easily and use this quality for whatever you consider interesting. For me, it‘s art and music.

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