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Never it’s too late

You have a dream. And then you’ll grow up. You try to find yourself and fit yourself into this world and after all of this, you forget about your dreams. Then the time of calming comes and you realize you didn’t have an opportunity to realize those dreams. Everywhere are people who managed something really big and you think about where the mistake happened in your life. You can see those talented people were supported by their parents or something different came into their life what helped them to be successful with their hobby which they loved so much.

Is this everything the work of circumstances?

Life is not fair, we know that. Sometimes people are born in the wrong environment, they don’t have a good start for personal development and sometimes the opposite happens. But everybody has a chance to change something in some season of their life. It’s nothing more than their decision to choose from two possibilities. And from adult life, most of the things what happen us is the result of our decisions.
Sooo… why do you think it’s too late to realize your dream right now?

I did it my way

I always wished to be a professional musician. To create music or to be connected to it somehow at least. But our family didn’t have money to spare for other things than food and basic needs for life. And I couldn’t find any part-time job. As a child, I couldn’t visit clubs after school. I was just at home all day long, day by day, with myself and my mind. 
At the first opportunity to stand apart, I started to work on my future. I realized many things about life etc. Shortly I started creating myself.

It’s just less than two years when I started painting. I just found out it’s something that currently fits me and I’m so happy with that. And finally, I made my first painting/drawing exhibition in my life. After a few years of practicing, without attending an art school or anything else. Isn’t it amazing?

Prove it

Every time we meet some barrier on our way. But this is life about.

All that we need is to know our priorities and give them a chance to see the light.

You have it in your hands.

And what’s the best about all this? It is just a beginning.

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