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Passion for tranquility
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“Did you really start to paint just year ago and something? You’re so talented.”

Yes, I did but I disagree man has to have some special talent to hold a brush and create beautiful stuff. Only what he needs is opened eyes and he must perceive what he has around him including details. And of course to want to do this activity ;).

Everything is about mind

A technique is the smallest part of it and it’s individual. Everybody can learn the technique of painting or drawing but if a man can’t watch and see… if it is what you meant like a talent than we call it differently. Another important thing is enjoying the process itself without excessive criticizing yourself. Feedback is always good but you can’t think about it all the time and in the first case, you have to be satisfied with your work. Other work practicing does.

Art background

I have no official education in art. I’ve just had passion so my experience is probably very different from people who visited some art school. I didn’t like rules and drawing stupid cubes or still life. Maybe it can help but for me, it was too frustrating and useless. Contrariwise it is enjoyable if I could draw something which I have relation to, what I adore, consider beautiful or I love the sight on it. Art is an expression of feelings inside me, opinion, life attitude.

How it started

My way of painting was really long. I just draw portraits with pencils mostly for almost 10 years (with breaks). From childhood, I had fixed opinion that I and brush don’t belong to each other. Do you remember those lessons at school when you had to use cheap watercolors and everything scattered and blended together? I hated it. I didn’t get information other styles of painting is completely different for too long.

I didn’t even admire paintings because I didn’t understand the technique at all. Sometimes I saw picture what I really liked but it wasn’t so pretty I would think about buying. Till I saw Jeff Rowland work which got me absolutely. I’ve never seen something like he is doing in my life. It has expressed my emotions and has been different somehow. Then I saw the price. Ok, I’m poor loser, I have to learn to make it. It happened in late 2015. Then a friend met me with Bob Ross and it was decided.

How did it look like when I started? What did I have to do to as first steps? I’ll write to you next time. Until you can let your reaction here!

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