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From finding health to painting nature

Sunlight in the Forest

When we celebrate birthdays, Christmas, name days, or any other anniversaries, people often wish health and luck to one another. Yet, year after year, nothing seems to change, and things often even get worse. I began to wonder why this was the case and realized that mere wishes could not bring health, money, or luck. I decided to investigate and see what could.

I started by looking into health. In my early years, I noticed that if we want better health, we need to actively take care of ourselves and do something to improve our situation. However, I didn't know what exactly to do, and the people around me didn't seem to know either. So, I had to figure it out on my own.

Health issues

As I reached adulthood, I began to experience digestive problems often, and I couldn't understand why. I thought that young people were generally healthy, but my experience proved otherwise. I started to pay closer attention to my body and tried different approaches to solve my issues so that I could feel normal most of the time. It was sometimes exhausting.

My findings came in waves. I studied what I ate, what vitamins and nutrients were in my food, and it helped solve some problems for a time. However, a completely different problem would arise soon after. I began to have inflammations, in my hands, fingers, or knees, so I couldn't walk properly. Doctors were not able to help me, so I had to study even more.

Getting closer

It was then that my interest in painting intersected with my quest for better health. I realized that there were more elements involved in influencing health than just what we eat. I found that most of the diseases that manifested in me were caused by somatizations. I was surprised to discover this because I had always analyzed my past and present and tried to heal what I needed to. I did more work on myself than most people I knew, and yet they seemed to live carefree lives without any issues.


I became aware that if we are too sensitive to our environment, emotions, and events in our lives, we need a different kind of treatment, not just in some areas of our lives, but in all of them. I worked on many aspects of my life to align myself with my true self, but one thing was missing - a connection to nature. By this, I don't just mean walking in forests, but truly understanding what's happening there, and learning from the best teacher in the world - Mother Nature - how to treat my body, relationships, and environment without regrets or diminishing my own value. Living in balance with nature brings me real peace, even though I am aware of the alarming state of our environment. Part of this path is accepting the way things are and finding ways to make them better in my small world, using my abilities, and feeling happy that many others are doing the same thing in their unique ways, adding their own value, and showing others that anyone can change the world for the better by setting a good example.

Finally, I understood why I paint nature.

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